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Keri brings a sensitive eye to documentary photography, managing to express the soul of distant cultures through candid portraits and compositions.

Washington, D.C. STYLE magazine







Water Dance




Images by Keri also appear in the Earth Science World Image Bank

"Life is a journey filled with opportunities to find beauty.  Every step you take or each glace you make at another soul - is a chance to find beauty - even in the most unusual or unexpected circumstances.  That instant of recognition of beauty demands your special attention especially when light caresses a face, water dances, the clouds tell a story, a skyscraper poses in silhouette or light reveals emotions of love or peacefulness.  Unexpected beauty captured on film is poetry for the eyes paying tribute to your dreams and aspirations." Keri Douglas

Keri Douglas draws from her natural gift of finding beauty in unexpected places and in every soul who graces her path.  A gift made natural by her gypsy life growing up in countries wrought in conflict, working on Holocaust issues and realizing projects giving light to challenging human rights issues.

Her first "assignment" (thanks to a CNN film crew) was in the photographer's pit along the runway of a couture fashion show in New York with a digital camera - the newest and latest technology at the time. Afterwards, Keri's "style" formed during a trip to the Grand Cayman Island, where she was drawn to the intense colors and light of the Caribbean.

Keri was inspired and influenced by the works of Alfred Stieglitz.   Later she was encouraged by her mentor who told her, "You have a style.  Your photographs are very much like Joel Meyerowitz." So began Keri's love affair with light, her camera, and a constant search for that special treasure of beauty.

Keri has shown her photographs in and around Washington, DC for over ten years and has images in the Earth Science World Image Bank.

"As you glance at each photograph, ask - Who are you? Where are you from?  What are you? How do you life? Who do you love?  Who loves you?  Imagine. Dream. Create your own story because there is story behind each image."  Keri Douglas

Each photograph is signed, a limited edition, and framed with natural black wood (overall size 16x20).

Each framed photograph is available for purchase for $500 plus shipping and handling expenses.

Please inquire with Keri Douglas at

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